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High school students

SHIP™ (Sustainability High school students Internship Program) has been curated especially for students by Dr Smriti Pahwa, Founder of The "MOC" (Missed Opportunities Cognizant) Mindset™; Author & Senior Consultant -Social Impact. Read more: Dr Smriti Pahwa Profile summary)

Dr Smriti Pahwa, a seasoned development sector professional, has created SHIP™ routes to serve as an interface where students can engage with Sustainable Development concepts; Challenges and the Opportunities within. SHIP™ nudges students to examine this landscape beyond the lens of social service/charity/voluntary engagement. It allows them to explore, early on, Social Impact professional career opportunities across all academic disciplines (Science; Commerce; Humanities). 

 Through SHIP™ Dr Pahwa envisions inducting young aspiring minds in Social Impact, broadening the horizon on application potential of their skills. SHIP™ enables students to explore New Innovative Professional - Entrepreneurial career path avenues as well as volunteering assignments making informed decisions “By Choice” and “Not by Chance”

High School Students’ Volunteering Engagement for Social Causes 

Current Situation: Progressive schools sensitise students towards Social Development issues. Premium colleges nudge students to engage with Sustainable Development challenges. Credits assigned to Social Impact engagements add value to students’ portfolio for college admissions.
“Opportunity”: These nudges could enable students to value Sustainability & Social Impact in whatever career path they choose and/or for volunteering engagements. This is a Brilliant Opportunity to sensitise the future generation towards Sustainable living! 
“Missed Opportunity” (The problem): Students often tend to take up volunteering/internships that come their way which might show them a particular Social Impact domain such as Health, Education, Environment etc. This focus approach keeps the students from understanding the interconnectedness within the Development landscape. Strengths of one mission (say Education) can be leveraged for another (like Environment or Health) by building collaborative integrated cost effective impact models. Moreover opportunity cost of time for students focussing on their grades is seldom factored to maximise student’s exposure to social issues. I have firsthand witnessed bad early volunteering experiences ruining students’ interest in Sustainability issues. We cant afford bright young aspiring minds turn away from Sustainable Development! This is a Huge “Missed Opportunity” for an entire generation. I firmly believe that even a single Missed Opportunity for Social Impact is One Too Many!!! 
Solution: The MOC (Missed Opportunities Cognizant) Mindset™: Approaching this issue from what I call The “MOC” Mindset™, the space of student volunteering/internships could be a perfect place to bring them into the Sustainability discourse early on. With the vision of inducting the new generation into thinking about Socially Responsible Business practices; Social Start Ups ; Corporate Social Responsibility; Impact Investing; Sustainability advocacy; Sustainable living through a collaborative approach I have curated “SHIP™”, a meaningful integrated Social Impact sensitization experience for students to carry the essence of learnings in whatever career they choose and to their way of being! 

The Program

a. SHIP™ introduces students to Global Development Sustainability frameworks; provides rich insights from field through case studies; engaging reflective thinking projects and exposure to social impact missions.  Students apply these conceptual learnings by firming up their own innovative sustainable models; presenting to experts to compete as teams.

b. All High School Students from grades 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th are eligible to participate in the Basic SHIP™ one week route program.
High School students who have completed the Basic SHIP™ one week route are eligible to apply for advanced SHIP™ ranks which are more detailed thematic customised experiences launched periodically. Time commitment: From 20 hours (Customized Online program) onwards to more detailed and immersive offline experiences that include workshops; customized exposure field trips and assignments. 

c. Certificate of completion provided.
Profile Summary: 
Dr. Smriti Pahwa holds a doctorate in Nutrition along with a degree in Education as well Management. Her professional experience has been across diverse sectors and operating systems enabling her to view the development landscape through the lens of a Researcher, Practitioner and a Policy Advocate. Since 2001, Dr. Pahwa has worked at different full time as well as consultancy positions with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Directorate of Education, Government of NCT- Delhi, IGNOU, ASER (Assessment Survey Evaluation Research) Centre of Pratham, Evidence Action, IntraHealth International, Arogya World, World Bank as well as various MSME enterprises involved in CSR evaluations-MLE ,Social Tech: Edu-tech and Health-tech systems.
Dr. Pahwa's recently published book " Of Missed Opportunities...One Too Many!!," puts forth the concept of an "MOC" "Missed Opportunities Cognizant" Mindset to build a case for cost effective high RoI innovative partnerships for social impact. The book has case studies on projects she has led across diverse sectors and systems. Read more.