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a.  CRISP- For Aspiring professionals: The program introduces aspiring CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability space professionals to Global Development Sustainability frameworks; Responsible Business principles; ESG ; Measurement and Solutioning frameworks for high RoI Cost Effective Social Impact Sustainability models.

b.  CRISP- For CSR and Sustainability leaders: The program introduces the envisions to embibe MOC mindset thinking within leaders. is a must for all students to engage with the social global development issues and take a deep dive into exploring the space from a career option, responsible business and entrepreneurial lens as well.

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Profile Summary:
Dr Smriti Pahwa, Founder of "MOC" (Missed Opportunities Cognizant) mindset has curated this unique program for high school students. Her vision is to introduce the concept and value of Social Impact and Sustainability to students. Smriti hopes that through this focussed internship designed especially for students, they can get an overview of Global Development frameworks and sense on ground realities. Success of the program is if students appreciate the Opportunities in this space and apply their learnings to identify the Missed Opportunities through MOC mindset for social Impact to design Cost Effective high RoI sustainability models.